Business location Werder (Havel)

A modern infrastructure, an excellent location service, a large variety of companies, and the proximity to Berlin and Potsdam provide good arguments that speak for our business location.

The city of Werder (Havel) stands for economic dynamism in the German capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Traditional fruit and vegetable cultivation, processing food industry, transport system technology & plant construction, energy and environmental technology, prefabricated house construction, and the logistics sector count among the future-oriented industries in Werder. Tourism represents a further driver of economic development. Werder was one of the first three locations in Brandenburg to be awarded the title of ‘Business-friendly Community’. 

A modern infrastructure, a qualified and skilled workforce, affordable residential and commercial rents as well as the proximity to Berlin and Potsdam are arguments that speak in favour of Werder (Havel) as a business location. Innovative medium-sized companies particularly appreciate our location advantages, while our success in attracting companies underlines the popularity of the city. The geographical proximity to many industries, including the Office and Commercial Centre Havelauen in the north of Werder, promotes economic opportunities.

Well-developed traffic routes on road, rail, and water offer excellent conditions for transportation, traffic, and travel. The city centre can be reached in fifteen minutes by car from the exit Phöben, and with the RE1, in around 35 minutes from Werder city station via Potsdam, you may reach the central station in Berlin. The Powerbus connects Werder with the state capital and the region, while the PlusBus takes you to the middle centre partner Beelitz.

The direct proximity to the research institutes of the Max Planck Gesellschaft and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in the Science Park in Potsdam-Golm, the University of Potsdam and the universities of applied sciences in Potsdam and Brandenburg an der Havel open up a wide range of cooperation opportunities.

Topics for business development

Promotion of fruit and vegetable cultivation

Thanks to light soils, fruit and vegetable growing is a focus of agricultural production in Werder. High quality products – such as fruit wine, fruit brandies, juices, extracts, and tomato ketchup – are produced and continuously supplemented with new quality products. Successful projects such as viticulture on the Wachtelberg represent not only an economic factor, but also an image upgrade.

Establishment of new industrial and commercial enterprises

The drivers of economic development in the area Werder-Havelland include the commercial sites in Plötzin and Kemnitz or the Havelauen with logistics and services, fruit and vegetable processing, and future technologies in the food and beverage sector, machine trade, electrical and electronics industries, automotive as well as supplier industries.

Strengthening the retail trade in the city

The development of the inner city of Werder – with citizen-friendly shopping, supply, adventure, living and transport conditions – is intensely promoted. High-quality offers in the retail sector, but also in the service and catering sector, have been and are being established to reduce purchasing power outflows and to strengthen the development of tourism.

Further development of tourist offers by the water

The location qualities of the nationally recognised resort town of Werder, the attractive waterfront location, the leisure infrastructure, and the proximity to Berlin and Potsdam transform the city into a popular destination, especially for travellers interested in water-sports-oriented offers. The Havel Lakes form the largest contiguous lake area in Brandenburg and create an attractive water sports region.

Furthermore, there is an extensive catchment area. Stendal, Magdeburg, Dessau, Brandenburg/Havel, Potsdam, and Berlin are within a 90-minute car isochrone. The urban area of Halle-Leipzig is tangent. As a classic excursion destination for Berliners, Werder (Havel) is a popular seasonal destination for day tourists. The Blossom Festival adds to the city's popularity.

Our Werder Business Day

In 1999, the first ‘Werderaner Wirtschaftstag’ (Werder Business Day) took place. The motto at that time was quite fitting: ‘Werder on the way into the new millennium’. The idea proved to be successful. Up until 2013, economic development was flanked by the Werder Business Day, which during this period attracts around 2000 visitors. In 2017 – the year of the 700th anniversary of the city – this annual exhibition of Werder companies has been revitalized. Since then, the focus was on the issue of training opportunities, while the target group consists mainly of young people.


Mayor Manuela Saß explains the idea behind it as follows: ‘We have small and medium-sized companies as well as global industrial enterprises that provide training in traditional professions as well as in future industries. Some students see the company names, but do not realise what possibilities are hidden behind them.’ During the Business Day, students and interested parties may now find out about the various training opportunities in the region. Social facilities, administrations, and institutions also present themselves in this format.