Discover the city by foot

Our city guides will reveal to you the stories that are hidden behind the facades of the old town houses. And they will accompany you on hikes in the surroundings.

Hiking trails in the region on Komoot

Experience our Old Town

The Old Town, which is partly located on a Havel Island and is more than 700 years old and is the most popular destination for our guests. Together with our city guides, visitors may find out more about the stories that are hidden behind the neat facades of the old town houses.

The Lindowsche Haus (Lindow House), for example. It is named after the owner family and has the typical features of a fruit growing farm from the 19th century. Or the Scharfrichterhaus (Executioner's House), which dates to the hangman tradition from 1640. It is considered the oldest house on the mainland. Then there is the old brewery, reminiscent of the local brewery stock corporation. It has the beautiful address ‘Unter den Linden 1’ (Under the Linden Trees 1).

The Lendelhaus (Lendel House), which was built on the medieval knight's seat as a city palace, is considered the most important secular architectural monument on the island. The Bockwindmühle (Post Windmill) shapes the silhouette of the island together with the two churches – Holy Spirit and Maria Meeresstern.

Our historically dressed city guides have an anecdote ready for every building and every corner of the Old Town. This way, they bring the past and the Werder savoir vivre to life.

The city can be easily reached by public transport: The RE1 takes about 35 minutes from Berlin Central Station via Potsdam to the Werder City Station. The Powerbus connects Werder with the state capital and the region, while the PlusBus takes you to the middle centre partner Beelitz.

The Lendelhaus (Lendel House), built in 1789.
The Lendelhaus (Lendel House), built in 1789.
The Eckhaus (Corner House) in Kirchstraße 17.
The Eckhaus (Corner House) in Kirchstraße 17.
The Bockwindmühle (Post Mill).
The Bockwindmühle (Post Mill).

Discover the Old Town virtually

Take a virtual walk through our Old Town and decide for yourself where to go.

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The "Lauschtour" (Listening Tour) across Werder and Schwielowsee

In 2019, on the occasion of Theodor Fontane's 200th birthday, the Listening Tour App was developed for the holiday region Werder-Schwielowsee. At 19 Listening Points, visitors may learn more about the sights of the region. They may listen to the insightful observations Fontane left behind in his famous travelogues. Those interested may download the Listening Tour App for free on their mobile phones (available in the Appstore and in the Play Store).

The Listening Points are best reached by bike or car. In Werder (Havel) the discovery journey takes you to the Post Mill and the panoramic view at the island bridge. The secret of the well-tended Werder Gardens is revealed in front of the Lindow House. And at the Holy Spirit Church, the listener learns that the massive church was originally too small for the community – and what was done about it.

Hiking with Fontane.

At 19 Listening Points, you may hear the insightful observations that Fontane made in his famous travelogues.

Werder City Guide

With the guild through Werder's Old Town

The guild of city guides was founded in 2004. It includes around a dozen professional city guides. Theme tours – such as the Old Town Tour, the Night Watchman Tour, or the Meeting with Werder Originals – are offered on a regular basis, and there are also lectures on various topics.

In the footsteps of past and present

Also, since 2004, Jutta Enke works as a tour guide in the Blossom City following the trail of the past and the present in her surroundings. She accompanies you across the island and the Wilhelminian suburb, following the traces of viticulture, the Schuffel Gardens, or the old hill taverns (Höhengaststätten). Jutta Enke is also out and about in Kemnitz and Petzow.

Right through the Havel Landscape

The adventure hikes of the local association Petzower Heimatverein lead to places or through landscapes that – as the name says – guarantee a variety of adventures and experiences. Moreover, the 10- to 20-kilometre tours are thematically oriented. Hikers may follow in the footsteps of the wolf, the history of brick making, or the cultivation of sea buckthorn.

The Big Hiking Day "24-Hours Potsdam-Havelland"

Since 2015, the region Werder (Havel) organises the Hiking Day ‘24 hours Potsdam-Havelland’. Following the tradition of the German Hiking Day in 2013 in the Potsdam-Mittelmark district, the local association ‘Petzower Heimatverein’ launched the hiking event with attractive tours through the region Schwielowsee, the Werder Havelland, and the Potsdam cultural landscape. Since 2015, the event takes place every year in autumn. The hiking trails include a 24-hour extreme hike that covers 100 kilometres, as well as hikes of 50 and 25 kilometres.