Swimming fun for water lovers

The river Havel and our lakes are ideal for a refreshing swim. Visit one of the public swimming spots or just swim wherever it is allowed and where you like it best.

Lido "Strandbad Werder – Am Großen Plessower See"

Lido "Strandbad Werder – Am Großen Plessower See"

The Plessower See is one of the largest ice-age lakes in the region and features a particularly good water quality. Here, visibility depths of over two meters are measured on average. Motorboats and sailing boats are prohibited. The lake is fed by groundwater and – unlike the Havel bays – it is spared from blue-green algae even in late summer. The lake is almost entirely surrounded by forests.

The sunny lawn of the lido with volleyball court is separated from the water by a strip of trees and reeds, which opens to a beach that is almost 20 meters wide. The 1.20-meter deep non-swimmer area is separated from the swimmer area. A lifeguard is on duty and parents or grandparents may watch their little ones romping on a small lake terrace. There is a slide in the lake, and you may even jump from a water trampoline into the cool and refreshing water.

The lido attendant rents out beach loungers, parasols and, since recently, also stand-up paddles. Snacks, drinks and of course popsicles are available at the kiosk.

Lido "Strandbad Glindow – Am Glindower See"

The spacious, 4500-square-meter lido is located directly by the lake Glindower See, which has a small passage to the river Havel and therefore is considered a Havel Lake. With its 14 meters depth, the lake is somewhat deeper than the other Havel Lakes. The water quality is exceptionally good. The lake is spared by blue-green algae even in the summer.

In addition to a sunbathing area, the lido also offers a long and wide sandy beach. There are a non-swimmer and swimmer areas. Sanitary facilities and changing rooms are available as well as a playground for children, a beach volleyball court, and a long floating jetty from where you may jump into the lake.

The lido's culinary offer includes classic snacks, such as burgers, French fries, and curry sausages.


Strandbad Glindow